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We are a team of Holistic Hairstylists who exhibit artistry in our work paired by our knowledge of the scalp/hair to assist all of your hair needs.

Our mission is to achieve your hair goals while also considering the integrity of your hair/heath of your scalp. We encourage all of our clients to learn more about their scalp and different hair maintenance techniques to achieve real results.
We welcome all hair types and all genders at Hairitage Family Salon and believe in ALL beauty.


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Hair Color: We provide a selection of permanent and semi permanent color lines at our salon. There are three options: Oway (Organic Way), O&M (Original Minerals) and Hairprint.


1. Oway (Organic Way) ammonia-free hair color made with a blend of conventional ingredients biodynamic, Natrue certified organic, fair trade ingredients such as cold pressed fruit/plant extracts and oils.


2. O&M (Original Mineral) is considered to be a cleaner lowtox color line that is free of ammonia, ppd and Resorcinol. 


3. Hairprint is a completely natural permanent color line made up of 8 food-grade nontoxic ingredients and an inert thickener. It works by putting the eumelanin protein back into the cuticle of your hair. This color line can only produce light brown, brown and black shades of color. It cannot lift hair color therefore it's not for redheads and blondes. 

Hair Product Lines: Innersense Organic Beauty, Oway (Organic Way), Simply Organic Beauty and O&M (Original Mineral)

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