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Salon Policy

Retail Refund Policy

All products sold in salon can be returned given they are unused and kept in the unopened original packaging. If there are any complaints please leave a message here.

All products sold online via all platforms used by Hairitage Family Salon are sold by their respective brand. If you should have any complaints in regard to the performance of the product you purchased online or would like to make any returns you will need to contact the customer service department from the company you purchased it from.

Hello! Welcome to our salon customer care section. Whether you're a client of ours, a potential client or just happen to be browsing we want your experience at Hairitage Family Salon to be a good one. Online and Offline we want our salon to be a safe space for beauty of all kinds. Use this page as the mega go to hub for all support services.

If there are more subjects you'd like us to list please contact us here with any and all customer care inquiries.

Our salon policies include treating every individual with equality and respect regardless of age, race, ethnic background, religion, gender, sexual preference and more. We have worked hard to build a safe and pleasant space for every guest we welcome at Hairitage Family Salon.

All policies apply to employees and guests. If an issue should arise that causes you any level of discomfort and you'd like to discuss it with a manger please contact us here.

Booking Policies

1. Booking: We require a deposit at the time of booking to secure your appointment.

2. Cancellations: We know your time is valuable, and ours is too. Out of respect for our staff and our other clients, we ask that you please cancel your appointment no less than 48 hours in advance of your appointment. Failure to attend a scheduled appointment will result in late penalties.


3. Rebooking after a no show: A rebooking fee will be required to schedule another appointment in the future.


4. Late Arrival: If you're more than 15 minutes late your appointment will automatically be canceled and considered a no show. We will notify you upon cancellation of your appointment and provide you the option to reschedule. In this case your deposit will be nonrefundable.

*If you are over 15 minutes late for your appointment we may have to reschedule your service if it cannot be completed in the remaining time frame. All attempts to reschedule in a timely manner will be made. If we do not hear from you 15 or more minutes into your scheduled appointment time it is considered a “No Show" and penalties may apply.


5. Arrival: While we appreciate punctuality, we ask all our clients to arrive to their appointment no more than 5 minutes early. Bringing a friend? Please kindly let us know in advance.


6. Safety: No child 10 years old or younger is permitted in the salon unless she has an appointment and is accompanied by an adult not being concurrently serviced.


6. Wellness: Illness in our salon results in canceled appointments and spreads it to our families, as well as exposing those who may have compromised immunity. If you feel sick before your appointment please let us know in advance. If you show up to your appointment sick we may kindly have to ask you to reschdule your appointment and return at another time. Failure to comply to our wellness policy may result it penalties.

7. Failure to include any allergies: We care about our clients and salon guests. Your safety is important to us; that is why we ask you if you have any allergies that cause allergic reactions. Signage will be in legal effect and protect us from any fatalities caused by failure to notify us of said allergies that cause potential risk to your health and wellbeing.

Salon Service Refund Policy

At Hairitage Salon we believe that honesty is the best policy and you're our top priority. We want your experience to be a good one.
If you should have any complaints about performed services please contact our salon within 7 days of the performed services, via email, phone (760 723 4898), or your stylist (if they've given consent to contact them by their personal mobile device).

*All service sales are final and that payment must be rendered on the day of provided service(s). Those who commit theft of services will be prosecuted.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Apple Pay

- Venmo
- Paypal

- Cash App

All transactions should be made on the day of performed services and are made with third party banking services. If payment hasn't been made in 24 hours of the provided service legal actions will be taken.

To read more about square please visit the provided link

Privacy & Safety


At Hairitage Family Salon our privacy policy has a strict and reliable protocol all personal information provided by clients online and in salon such as; email/home addresses, phone numbers and payment information will always be kept private. This is enforced on all online platforms where any and all data is collected. All third party payments will be processed through square inc. and thereby are trusted by their secure payment policies. To read more about Square please click this link.


The copyright of all original content made by Hairitage Family Salon or Hairitage Organic Salon advertised on this website and all social platforms belongs solely to Hairitage Family Salon. Any form of usage without explicit permission from Hairitage Family Salon is an infringement of those rights.

Press + Collaborations

Please contact for all inquiries.


We are not currently hiring. Please email for all inquiries.

Binding Legal Agreements Upon Signage

Submission Form: Once a signature has been made on our submission form your signature is in effect and all terms stated in the form are therefore legally binded.


This includes all salon policies listed (1-6): Booking, Cancellations, Rebooking after a no-show, Arrival, Safety and Wellness. You have therefore given permission of all the legalities listed by agreeing to them upon signature. When the contents have been disregarded your actions following booking will be in effect and we have been given permissions to place legal protections upon violations when permissions listed have been violated, the right to ban you from our salon and reject any further booking requests. This includes all penalties such as nonrefundable deposits, cancellations of appointments and rights to take note of violations committed. Failure to include any allergies that cause allergic reactions or any fatalities caused by failure to notify us of said allergies that cause potential risk to your health and wellbeing.

*We appreciate your interest in our booking at our salon. But, if you do not agree to our salon policy terms our submission form does not allow you to proceed forward. Therefore, you will not be allowed to book at Hairitage Family Salon at this time until a signature is made.

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